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Me in 10 seconds:
I am an idealist, a visionary, a traveller, a digital native, a cineast, a foodie, an avid reader, an older brother, a younger brother, and a partner.
I am a photographer, a trainer, an organizer of events, a speaker coach, a connector of people and ideas.
I want to become a loving father, an inspiring speaker, a founder of a conference and an even better photographer – though not in that order.
MBTI says I am an INFJ, insights categorizes me as a helping Inspirer (47) and my girlfriend tends to describe me as complex and interesting…
My pictures remind people about their best moments, even years later when they tend to forget them… I show people, that they are special – just the way they are. I love to experience life to it’s fullest and take pictures of it.
I organize events, that connect people, and gift them lifetime memories.
I enjoy every minute I spend with the people I love.
Although I live in my favorite German city Berlin, I tend to travel as much as possible. I love seeing new things and experience the world through different eyes. All these experiences help me to keep my special view.
Last year I travelled to New York and Washington D.C. twice, to Greece a couple of times, to Gothenburg for the first time and to Budapest the first time for 21 years. This year I have spent 10 days in Washington and a couple of days in Brooklyn.
Whenever I have my camera with me I take pictures.
Leo-Akademie, an awesome event, I have been organizing for the last 6 years
In my past I have been:
the conference director of the German Leo-Club conference in 2009
the German president of the Leo-Club in 2010/11
a trainer for Rock Your Life